At Early Candlelight

This little song, written by Alice Hess Beveridge (1885-1956), was published in American Childhood Magazine, December 1949. At Early CandlelightWords and Music by Alice Hess Beveridge In days of old at Christ-mas time, Small chil-dren sang their lays Andall the folk both great and small, Were wak-ened fore the day Atpal-ace doors and hum-ble homes, … Continue reading At Early Candlelight

Making the Snowman

Here is a neat song called Making the Snow Man from Songs of Childhood, 1923. MAKING THE SNOW MAN We’ve rolled up a beautiful snowball, Great white snow ball; We’ve rolled up a beautiful snowball, To make a snow man. His nose shall be made of a carrot, Yellow carrot; His nose shall be made … Continue reading Making the Snowman

Lessons of the Snow

This is from a book called Parables for Little People by J. W. G. Ward. It was published in 1921, consisting of 52 ‘sermonettes’ as they are called. I thought this was going to turn into a sort of ‘A Christmas Carol’ sort of story, but it’s not, really. I thought it was nice. (Not … Continue reading Lessons of the Snow