Cinnamon Bear Episode #16

Gale Gordon, who also voiced Weary Willie the Stork, is Oliver Ostrich. He reminds me of Dick Van Dyke’s character Bert in Mary Poppins! Download all of Cinnamon Bear’s episodes at once at You must click on download land, first, then scroll to the bottom. Or, if you really don’t want to do the download … Continue reading Cinnamon Bear Episode #16

Cinnamon Bear Episode #5

We are almost a week into our Cinnamon Bear adventure! Episode 5 features Wesley the Wailing Whale. He is voiced by Lindsay MacHarrie, who also produced the series! He was a writer, director, producer, and personality of old time radio. The Assistant Royal Executioner, played by Ed Max, was also a radio personality. Information is … Continue reading Cinnamon Bear Episode #5