Tommy’s Tummy

Tommy’s Tummy is from John Martin’s Big Book for Little Folk, Number Three, (1919). The song is my reminder to you not to go crazy during the holiday season! Don’t get a tummy ache like Tommy from eating all those sweets!!!Louise Ayres Garnett – April 1, 1877-October 31, 1937. She was born in Indiana and … Continue reading Tommy’s Tummy

The Cookie-Lady

Here we have a “sweet” poem, again by Edgar A. Guest. It’s from Rhymes Of Childhood (1924). The Cookie-LadyEdgar A. Guest She is gentle, kind and fair,And there’s silver in her hair;She has known the touch of sorrow,But the smile of her is sweet;And sometimes it seems to meThat her mission is to beThe gracious … Continue reading The Cookie-Lady

Doughnut Day

This came out of John Martin’s Big Book for Little Folk, Number Three (1919). While not strictly Christmas, or even winter, for that matter, I thought the sweets theme was great for the holiday season. Doughnut DayDaisy Dillon Stephenson My Mother’s making dougnuts—oh,They smell so very goodI can’t keep out of doors at all—(Though mother … Continue reading Doughnut Day