Mother Hubbard’s House Party – A Beginner’s Guide to Mother Goose

I thought it would be fitting to talk about the characters who will be mentioned in our upcoming six day series that goes through the day after Christmas. This will be a delightful story called Mother Hubbard’s House Party, where Old Mother Hubbard invites ten children–all nursery rhyme characters–to visit for Christmas week. You may or … Continue reading Mother Hubbard’s House Party – A Beginner’s Guide to Mother Goose

Small Sam

Ok, so I admit that the first band that I really loved was the Beatles. John was my favorite. When I discovered his writings, I thought he was so clever! Here is one that was inspired by the writing style of John Lennon. Small Sam One day, there was a small man who was very … Continue reading Small Sam

In the Classroom

I’ve always liked to play around with the alphabet. This is one example of that! In the Classroom Aaron doesn’t understand the lesson. Brendon is hiding. Carla will not do her work. Donna kicked the teacher. Evan sits in the corner. Fran keeps yelling. Greta can’t find her pencil. Harry will not answer the question. … Continue reading In the Classroom

The Joke

Silly poem I wrote. The Joke I’s telled him a joke, I’s seed him laugh too, But ‘twasn’t that funny An’ still laugh he do. He laugh an’ he laugh, But this thing is true, ‘Twasn’t that funny An’ still laugh he do. He giggle an’ giggle He say “hoohoohoo” I’s don’t remember the joke But … Continue reading The Joke

Florence LaBadie

Florence LaBadie, lovingly nicknamed Fearless Flo, was born on April 27, 1888 to Marie Russ in New York. When she was three, her father died, and her mother was unable to take care of her, either because of mental instability or money, or both. No matter the reason, in 1891, Florence was adopted by the … Continue reading Florence LaBadie