Awaiting Aunt Matilda

There is a lot of love in this short story that I wrote. It is from Aunt Kitty’s Storybook. Please Enjoy! Awaiting Aunt Matilda “Dolly! Oh, Dolly, get off the ground! You’ll spoil your new clothes!” It was Dolly’s mother scolding her from behind the screen door. She had her hands on her hips and … Continue reading Awaiting Aunt Matilda


Something “weird” that I wrote when I was about 12. 😀 Weird Hello, I am Weirdo from the planet Weirdo. I live in the town Weirdonisia. The Weirdonians from my planet are called Weirdonians. My brothers’ names are Odd, Strange, and Weird. Weird and I always get mixed up because whenever someone calls our names we … Continue reading Weird