Tommy’s Tummy

Tommy’s Tummy is from John Martin’s Big Book for Little Folk, Number Three, (1919). The song is my reminder to you not to go crazy during the holiday season! Don’t get a tummy ache like Tommy from eating all those sweets!!!Louise Ayres Garnett – April 1, 1877-October 31, 1937. She was born in Indiana and … Continue reading Tommy’s Tummy

At Early Candlelight

This little song, written by Alice Hess Beveridge (1885-1956), was published in American Childhood Magazine, December 1949. At Early CandlelightWords and Music by Alice Hess Beveridge In days of old at Christ-mas time, Small chil-dren sang their lays Andall the folk both great and small, Were wak-ened fore the day Atpal-ace doors and hum-ble homes, … Continue reading At Early Candlelight