Songs of Childhood, 1923 Most of these are very simple. Sometimes it’s nice to just put yourself into a ‘simple’ thing. That is, put aside all the worries of everyday life, and just imagine yourself as one of these children making snowballs and having a jolly time! SNOWBALLS O-ho! O-ho! The feathery snow is falling. … Continue reading Snowballs

Snow Stars

This is from a cute little songbook, complete with music. This book is called Songs of Childhood, and it is from 1923. Some songs are just two lines long, and some are two pages long. I will be posting a bunch of these. I hope you enjoy! SNOW STARS Snow-flakes, here you are, Each one … Continue reading Snow Stars

Herman’s Hermits

This little clip is great! I already knew I liked Herman’s Hermits, but this video makes can me love them! Come check out the SilentPhotoplay forum and watch Herman’s Hermits-Leaning On A Lamp Post. Continue reading Herman’s Hermits