Awaiting Aunt Matilda

There is a lot of love in this short story that I wrote. It is from Aunt Kitty’s Storybook. Please Enjoy! Awaiting Aunt Matilda “Dolly! Oh, Dolly, get off the ground! You’ll spoil your new clothes!” It was Dolly’s mother scolding her from behind the screen door. She had her hands on her hips and … Continue reading Awaiting Aunt Matilda

Dick Explains

Dick Explains “Pa-pa I’ve tried to catch the Sleep Man, I’ve shut my eyes and breathed So hard I thought he’d come and peep— I was the one de-ceived. “Just when I thought he’d sure-ly come And I would hold him fast— Some how I can’t re-mem-ber what It was I thought of last. “But … Continue reading Dick Explains