Florence LaBadie

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Most interesting article! I liked the information in the second paragraph. These up-close detailed descriptions of appearance and manner that you used to see so much in this era are an art in themselves; they really give a feel for who the person was. I always enjoy reading these “portraits in words”. Another thing I found interesting was that she had starred at Biograph opposite Edwin August (one of my favorite of Griffith’s players). I didn’t realize she had worked there, or had forgotten it, if I ever knew. I wonder if she was really as perfect as the article… Read more »


Thank you for your kind words. It’s really fun researching the people. I think there is an Edwin August interview in there. I’ll do that next, if you want!


Yes, that would be great!!

Concerning Florence, I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce her last name. I used to assume it was: Luh BAY dee. That’s the way it looks as if it would be pronounced.

Then I saw somewhere that the first syllable is the one accented, so I assumed it was: LAY buh dee

But from the information here, it was apparently something like: LAY – body


I think it’s lah-body. I’m having trouble saying it like that. I watched a documentary where they said her name like lah-buddy so I’ve been saying it like that ever since. I originally said it like luh baydee like you.
Concerning your thoughts on how much was embellished on these interviews, I think some of the writers added a bit of spice to them, but I also think that others seem much more truthful. I have the feeling that this one is pretty close to the truth. You can kind of tell sometimes.