Cinnamon Bear Episode #26

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I regretfully announce that this is our very last episode of The Cinnamon Bear. I had so much fun listening with you all!
I’d like to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Thank you so much to those who took the time to listen to this serial all the way through, and thank you to those who have stopped by just to peek. It makes me so glad that I might have passed along Cinnamon Bear to even a few people this season.

Thanks again to Karl Schadow for his newly discovered Cinnamon Bear information and his additional knowledge that aided me in some of the biography information for this endeavor, and to the many researchers, historians, and listeners that love old time radio, keeping the memory of radio alive so that future generations can enjoy.

Download all of Cinnamon Bear’s episodes at once at You can also listen to each episode on archive without downloading.

The Cinnamon Bear Episode 26 – Returned to the Attic
Opening: Cinnamon Bear Theme
Cinnamon Bear: And here’s the Cinnamon Bear!

Announcer: Well, Christmas is practically here, and Judy and Jimmy are still without their precious silver star, and unless they get it back in time to put on the very tip-top of their tree, Christmas just won’t be Christmas, that’s all. You’ll remember, that after Captain Tintop captured the star from the Bad Dolls, Santa Claus gave a grand banquet. The children were filled with excitement, and Paddy O’Cinnamon was filled with cinnamon buns. Inasmuch as Santa was about to leave on his annual trip to the world, he offered to take the twins and Cinnamon Bear with him. And then the most terrible thing happened. Jimmy asked Crazy Quilt to hold the silver star while he climbed into the sleigh, and when he turned around, the dragon was gone! It’s hard to believe that Jimmy’s friend would do that, but such is the case, and right now he’s running as fast as his crazy quilt legs will carry him!

Jimmy: Look at him go! Lickety split!
Cinnamon Bear: I knew that Crazy Quilt Dragon would show his true colors.
Judy: Oh, dear! It makes me want to cry!
Santa Claus: Well, we’ll have to hurry if we want to catch him! Oh, Nicky! You and Jimmy unhook the trailers from the sleigh. We can go faster without them.
Nicky: Alright, Santa.
Jimmy: Be with you in a jiffy, Nicky.
Judy: And I thought Crazy Quilt had reformed!
Cinnamon Bear: Huh! Once a villain, always a villain!
Santa Claus: I don’t understand why he’d do such a thing. How are you coming, boys?
Jimmy: This is the last. There! Come on, Nicky!
Santa Claus: Alright, take my hand, Jimmy. Up you go. Are you in, Nicky?
Nicky: All set!
Jimmy: Willikers, let’s hurry!
Santa Claus: Hi, Donder! Hi Blitzen! Hi! Well! A little more speed, there, boys! That’s better.
Cinnamon Bear: Grr-ah! Just wait till I get me paws on that double-crossing dragon.
Judy: I’m just awfully disappointed in Crazy Quilt.
Jimmy: Me, too.
Santa Claus: Tell me about this peculiar fellow. Seemed to be such a good friend of yours, and then to turn right around and make off with the silver star.
Judy: You see, Santa, he’s the one who stole it in the first place out of the big trunk in our attic.
Santa Claus: Well! Well, that explains it, but how did he happen to become such a great friend of yours?
Jimmy: Well, Cinnamon Bear helped us find him, and when he wouldn’t give us the star, we yelled ‘boo’ at him about a hundred times. And then he jumped into the Root Beer Ocean and lost it.
Cinnamon Bear: Oh, you should have seen him, Santa Claus. He came weeping through the breakers, vowing that he was a changed dragon, that he’d never do it again. Not much, he wouldn’t!
Santa Claus: Oh! And you think he was just pretending to be your friend, waiting for a good opportunity to steal the star again, hm?
Judy: I just don’t know, Santa. He saved us from the Inkaboos, and stood by us through all our troubles, and there were just lots and lots of times when he could have gotten away with the star easy as anything.
Santa Claus: I see. Well, it was probably just a case of too much temptation.
Jimmy: Look, Santa Claus! I think we’re gaining on him.
Santa Claus: We are at that, Jimmy! But, oh my goodness!
Judy: What’s the matter?
Santa Claus: He’s heading straight for the North Pole. Faster, Donder! Faster Blitzen! Faster! Ah, just as I thought! There he is, trying to climb up the North Pole. Come on, everybody. After him! We’ll have to catch him before he gets up the pole, or we’ll never get him.
Judy: Why, Santa?
Santa Claus: Why, the Misty folk live up there. They’d take him right in with them, and we’d never see Crazy Quilt or the silver star again. Whoa! Whoa, there! Whoa, Donder! Whoa, Blitzen! Whoa.
Jimmy: Hey, what’s the idea of stealing our star, Crazy Quilt?
Crazy Quilt: Why, hello, Jimmy, boy. Fancy meeting you here. What’s all this yelling about the star?
Jimmy: You know what about the star. You’ve got it!
Crazy Quilt: Oh, now, come, come. You must be mistaken, my little friend. Such a thing would never occur to me.
Judy: Why, Crazy Quilt, you big storyteller! If you didn’t steal it, why did you run away like that?
Crazy Quilt: Run away? But I didn’t run away, Judy. Merely getting a bit of exercise. Trying out my new snowshoes. Oh, great sport!
Cinnamon Bear: And I suppose you used snowshoes to climb the North Pole? And if so, where are they?
Crazy Quilt: Where are what?
Cinnamon Bear: The snowshoes, you villain, the snowshoes!
Crazy Quilt: Oh, well… I, uh, I just dropped them off to be half-soled.
Cinnamon Bear: Oh, don’t pay any attention to him, children. He’s got the star, alright. I can see it. It’s sticking out of his hip pocket.
Judy: I’m so ashamed of you, Crazy Quilt. After we trusted you and everything.
Jimmy: We won’t ever believe in you again, ever.
Crazy Quilt: Oh, my friends! My dear, dear, companions! Don’t talk like that. You’ll make me feel… Oh! Oh!
Santa Claus: Look! He’s slipped a bit!
Jimmy: No, he’s got hold again.
Santa Claus: Oh, can’t any of you climb after him? If he reaches the top, we’re lost.
Judy: I know how to bring him down! Remember, Jimmy? We’ll all yell ‘boo’ at him.
Crazy Quilt: Oh no! No! Not that!
Cinnamon Bear: Come on, everybody. Now, one… two… three…
All: Boo! Boo! Boo! Boo!
Crazy Quilt: Oh, dear! Jimmy: He’s down! Let’s get him, Judy! Santa Claus: Alright, Alright! After him, children! After him! Get in there, Nicky! Get him! Cinnamon Bear: At last, I’ve got you, Crazy Quilt, and I’m feeling extra 'specially ferocious. Grr-ah! Judy: Tickle him, Jimmy! Tickle him! Crazy Quilt: Oh, my friends! To think our beautiful friendship should end like…. Oh! Oh! Oh, my. Oh, no, no! Cinnamon Bear: While he’s turning over, grab the star, Jimmy! Jimmy: I’ve got it, Paddy O’Cinnamon! I’ve got the silver star! Cinnamon Bear: Oh, you Crazy Quilt Dragon! Thought you’d get away with it, huh? I’ll teach you to trifle with cinnamon bears! Shake him up, children! Shake him up. Shake him up. Shake him up! Mother: Wake up! Wake up, children! Jimmy: What’s that? Judy: Tickle him, Jimmy! Tickle him good! Jimmy: Oh, that’s alright, Judy. I’ve got the silver star. Mother: Children! What in the world are you doing? Get up off the floor. You’re all tangled up in that old crazy quilt. Did you fall asleep? Oh, dear, I hope you didn’t catch cold. Judy: Cold! It isn’t cold, Mother. Not like it is in the snow country. Jimmy: Sure! It’s a lot colder at the North Pole. Mother: What? My darlings! Are you ill? Have you got a fever? Let Mother feel your hands, you’re talking so strangely. Judy: We’re alright, Mother. We had a most elegant time. Jimmy: We sure did. The silver star was gone, because the Crazy Quilt Dragon stole it, but Santa Claus helped us catch him and get it back. Mother: Hmm… You don’t seem to have any fever. Now hurry up, both of you! Daddy’s home! Judy: Did he bring the Christmas tree? Mother: Yes, dear! And he wants you to come down and help him decorate it. My goodness! I wouldn’t have let you come up here in the attic if I thought you’d go to sleep! Jimmy: But we didn’t go to sleep, Mother. We went to Maybeland. Judy: Oh, Jimmy! Look at poor Paddy O’Cinnamon on the floor, and he’s only about four inches high anymore. Jimmy: Can we take the Cinnamon Bear downstairs with us, Mother? Mother: The what? Jimmy: Why, the Cinnamon Bear! You know, Paddy O’Cinnamon. We found him in the trunk, and he’s the one who took us through Maybeland. And we had lots and lots of swell adventures, too. Mother: Oh, I see. Judy: May we take him downstairs, Mother? Mother: Of course you can! Now hurry, it’s beginning to get dark! Judy: There, Jimmy! The tree’s all decorated. Isn’t it simply beautiful? Jimmy: Uh-huh! And there’s our silver star, right on top where it belongs! Judy: And Cinnamon Bear’s sitting on a branch right near it. Jimmy: Remember the big Christmas tree that Santa Claus had in his palace? Judy: Yes, and remember how we watched that wonderful, wonderful Christmas Tree Parade with all the toys and dolls? Jimmy: You bet! And we rode on Santa Claus’ miniature train, and I got to drive it and everything! You know what, Judy? Judy: What? Jimmy: I wonder if we really did fall asleep up in the attic, like Mother said. Judy: I don’t know, Jimmy. It’s all sort of mixed-up like. Jimmy: It sure is, but I just don’t see how we could dream all of it. Judy: What do you mean? Jimmy: Well, I mean well, look at Paddy O’Cinnamon. We didn’t dream him. Judy: ‘Course we didn’t. Dear little Cinnamon Bear. I bet he’s about the best friend we’ve got. Jimmy: And what about the Crazy Quilt Dragon, Judy? Judy: Well, don’t forget that we found our silver star in the crazy quilt up in the attic. Jimmy: Sure, but it was a dragon when we were up at the North Pole. You know, maybe it all got changed around like that, because Mother came up to look for us! Judy: Grown up folks don’t believe in magic very much, I guess. Jimmy: Naw, they just say you’re sick or you’ve been asleep or something. Judy: I wonder if we stayed awake tonight, do you suppose we’d see Santa Claus? We could ask him about it and thank him for helping us catch Crazy Quilt. Jimmy: Oh, I don’t think we’d better do that, Judy. Judy: Why not, Jimmy? We’ve just got to find out, don’t we? Jimmy: Well, it would be nice, alright, but don’t forget what Santa told us. Children can’t see him if they stay awake. Judy: That’s right, he did. Jimmy: Well, I guess we just better keep it a secret, Judy. Judy: You mean about looking for the silver star? Jimmy: Yes. There’s nobody who’d believe us anyhow. Judy: We believe us, don’t we, Jimmy? Jimmy: I suppose so. But, gee, Willikers! I wish Mother hadn’t said that about us going to sleep. It makes me kinda wonder. Judy: Well, anyway, we’ve got our silver star, and best of all, we’ve got Paddy O’Cinnamon. Jimmy: You know what, Judy? Let’s put him up on the tree every Christmas. Judy: Yes. I think we should. After all, that’s where he belongs. Right near the silver star where he can guard it, and see that nobody ever, ever steals it again. Cinnamon Bear: (beginning his song) I’m the Cinnamon Bear… Judy: Jimmy! I thought I heard something! Jimmy: Why, it sounds like Paddy O’Cinnamon, singing his very own song! Judy: But, Jimmy! He’s only four inches high! Jimmy: Listen, Judy! Judy: Oh, Jimmy! It is the Cinnamon Bear. Maybe we weren’t dreaming after all! Cinnamon Bear: (finishing song)
Now I’ll growl grr-ah!
And I’ll growl Grr-oo!
And if you’ll act afraid,
I’m much obliged to you!

Announcer: And so ends the story of the Cinnamon Bear. Whether Judy and Jimmy dreamed these adventures, or whether they really happened doesn’t matter. They were truly wonderful, and certainly most magical. And now that the silver star is shining brightly on the very tip-top of Judy and Jimmy’s tree, we can smile our biggest holiday smile and say “A Merry Christmas to you all!” We hope you’ll always remember little Paddy O’Cinnamon, the Cinnamon Bear. That’s the one thing that will make him very happy. And I can tell you on his behalf, he’ll be much obliged to you.


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5 years ago

I’m sorry this is the last one! I’m really going to miss it each day. Thank you for making it available. I liked having the transcripts, too, and I enjoyed seeing the cheery red background with the snowflakes coming down while I was reading along.

This series is really something special. It’s like entering into another little world, isn’t it? I like to think of children back in the 30’s and 40’s snuggled up around the radio listening to these. They must have had a lot of enjoyment—and so did I. 🙂

5 years ago
Reply to  Kitty

That’s wonderful that it’s still appreciated and enjoyed so much!

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