Cinnamon Bear Episode #14

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This episode marks the first appearance of the lovely Queen Melissa. She is portrayed by Rosa Barcelo, who is also credited as playing Joan Gregory in Magic Island. Magic Island is another fantastic children’s program, consisting of 130 fifteen minute episodes, the entire and complete run. Unfortunately, information is limited, and I could not find her birth/death dates.

Lindsay MacHarrie, who also played Wesley the Wailing Whale and Bos’n, plays the memorable Grand Wonky. You can read a bit about this accomplished man here.

Download all of Cinnamon Bear’s episodes at once at You can also listen to each episode on archive without downloading.

The Cinnamon Bear Episode 14 – Helped by Queen Melissa
Opening: Cinnamon Bear Theme
Cinnamon Bear: And here’s the Cinnamon Bear!

Announcer: Now I guess we’re all pretty anxious to hear about Judy and Jimmy and their friends Cinnamon Bear and Crazy Quilt Dragon. For a while it looked very much like the Wintergreen Witch was going to change them into a pincushion, a doormat, and two white mice, but they got away, and what was even nicer, got their precious silver star. The Crazy Quilt Dragon tucked it into his hind pocket for safe keeping, and they all climbed on his back and swam away from the Island of Obee. But when they reached the mainland, the worst thing in the world happened. Crazy Quilt sat down to rest and broke the silver star into a dozen pieces. That’s very, very bad, and you can just imagine what Judy has to say.

Judy: Oh, dear. We might just as well never have found the silver star as to have it broken.
Jimmy: Gee, Willikers, yes. ‘Specially after all the things we did to get it back.
Cinnamon Bear: If you had to sit down, Crazy Quilt, why pick a rock to sit on?
Crazy Quilt: Oh, I am abject. I’m speechless, but I beg you to realize that my mistake was unintentional.
Jimmy: Well, we know you didn’t mean to do it, but, gee, Crazy Quilt! Couldn’t you have used your head a little bit?
Crazy Quilt: Well, I…
Judy: Don’t go picking on poor Crazy Quilt. ‘Course he didn’t mean to break the star, but making him feel bad isn’t going to do any good.
Crazy Quilt: Aw. Judy: Oh, dear. We might just as well have Paddy O’Cinnamon take us back to the attic again.
Jimmy: Yeah, I guess so.
Judy: Goodbye, Crazy Quilt. Thanks anyway for saving us from the Inkaboos and carrying us across the Root Beer Ocean.
Jimmy: Yes, thanks for that, Crazy Quilt. You’re a good dragon at heart.
Judy: How are we going to get back to the attic, Cinnamon Bear? The airplane is still at the bottom of Looking Glass Valley.
Cinnamon Bear: Maybe when Crazy Quilt is rested a little, he’ll carry us apiece.
Crazy Quilt: Oh, gladly. Anything to help atone for my frightful carelessness. Anything to… Wait!
Judy: What is it, Crazy Quilt? Have you got a pain?
Crazy Quilt: A pain? No! I’ve a plan.
Cinnamon Bear: That’s generally the same thing with you.
Crazy Quilt: There’s something that might be done, yet.
Cinnamon Bear: Sure, and you’ve done everything that can be done, Crazy Quilt. You and your nonsense.
Crazy Quilt: Just a minute, my feisty friend in the fur pajamas! Let me say my say.
Cinnamon Bear: Uh, very well! What’s on your alleged mind?
Crazy Quilt: Why don’t we go and see… Melissa!
Cinnamon Bear: Splendid! Now why didn’t I think of that?
Judy and Jimmy: Who’s Melissa?
Crazy Quilt: Haven’t you ever heard of her? Why, she’s our queen! The ruler of Maybe Land.
Judy: What could she do?
Crazy Quilt: What can’t she do, you mean. She’s wonderful. So kind and generous. Everybody loves her.
Jimmy: That’s swell, but what could she do about the silver star?
Crazy Quilt: Anything! Everything! She has wonderful powers. Nothing is impossible to her. Why, do you know, once upon a time, I had the great misfortune to fall into a lemonade wishing well, and all my beautiful colors ran together.
Cinnamon Bear: I sure'd've liked to see you then!
Crazy Quilt: I shall overlook your remark. Oh, I was a mess! I thought surely I would never be able to hold up my head in society. But I went to see Melissa, and she restored me to my natural beauty and splendor.
Cinnamon Bear: She certainly has a marvelous reputation, alright. I’ve always intended to go to court sometime and see her for meself, but I never quite got around to it.
Judy: Oh, goody! Maybe she can help us. Where does Melissa live?
Crazy Quilt: Oh, she lives in her palace in the capital of Maybe Land. Uh, that’s capital M. A bit southish of the Lollipop Mountains right in the middle of Marshmallow Meadows.
Jimmy: Maybe she’ll know some way to have the star all put together again.
Cinnamon Bear: I’m sure she will. Will you take us there, Crazy Quilt?
Crazy Quilt: Certainly. I’m quite as good on land as on water.
Judy: Everybody help me pick up the pieces of the star. Jimmy, let me have your hanky. It’s bigger'n mine.
Jimmy: Okay. Here it is.
Crazy Quilt: Ah! Here are some pieces.
Cinnamon Bear: Yeah, and here are some more.
Jimmy: Here are some!
Judy: I think Jimmy and I have all the rest. Hold out your hanky, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Okay.
Judy: There.
Crazy Quilt: Alright. Now let’s get started. Climb on, everybody.
Cinnamon Bear: Up you go, Judy. Up, Jimmy.
Judy: There.
Cinnamon Bear: Well, we're on. Outdo yourself, Crazy Quilt. Gallop like you’ve never galloped before.
Crazy Quilt: This is the anteroom to the queen’s audience chamber. We’ll have to wait here until time for us to see the Grand Wonky.
Jimmy: My goodness. How many more do we have to see before we get to see Melissa? 
Judy: Yes, I never saw so many, uh… whatchamacallems?
Cinnamon Bear: Secretaries.
Judy: Yes, things like that.
Crazy Quilt: Oh, but you must remember. This is a royal court. You have to expect such things. After all, Melissa is the queen, and she’s much too busy to bother with people unless they have really important business with her.
Jimmy: Who’d you say we had to see now?
Crazy Quilt: The Grand Wonky. He’s sort of head of all the ceremonies, and he presents everybody to Melissa.
Cinnamon Bear: I wish he’d hurry. My stuffing’s getting very tired.
Judy: Oh, I don’t mind waiting so much. It’s so beautiful. I like to look down that big staircase and see all the people passing up and down.
Grand Wonky: Oh, here you are, here you are! So sorry to keep you waiting, but you know how it is. So much business. Oh! Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear! Oh! You’re not in court costume!
Judy: What’s that?
Crazy Quilt: It’s what you wear when you come to see Melissa.
Grand Wonky: Oh, well, well, well. Never mind. It can’t be helped now. I’ll ask her to overlook the attire inasmuch as you are unacquainted with court etiquette.
Judy: What does he mean?
Cinnamon Bear: He means that he’s going to ask Melissa to skip it.
GrandWonky: Oh, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear. Now let’s see. How will we arrange this? You’re the Crazy Quilt Dragon, are you not? I’m sure I’ve seen you before. I’m very good at remembering places. I mean faces. That’s my job. Now, where were we? Oh, it’s awfully nice to drop in and all that. Must come again some time.
Judy: I’m Judy.
Jimmy: I’m Jimmy.
Cinnamon Bear: And I’m the Cinnamon Bear.
Crazy Quilt: That’s us, and we’re very anxious to see Melissa. Is there anything special we have to do? 
Grand Wonky: Oh! Dear, dear, dear, dear dear. Dear, yes! The bow, you know, the bow, so….
Jimmy: I feel awfully silly doing that.
Crazy Quilt: You don’t have to. Just be polite, and that’s all that’s necessary.
Grand Wonky: And of course, I must announce you. Now let’s see what formation would look best? Hm? Let me see. The little girl first, yes. And then I think the boy slightly behind her with the bear, then the Crazy Quilt Dragon bringing up the rear guard.
Jimmy: Bringing up what? Does he have to carry something?
Grand Wonky: No, No, No, No, No. He’s to stand behind you.
Jimmy: Oh, why didn’t you say that in the first place?
Crazy Quilt: Uh, I dislike hurrying you, Grand Wonky, but our time is short, and our business very important. Now you just sort of forget a few formalities, and announce us to Her Majesty like a good Wonky.
Grand Wonky: Hm-hm-hm. Now, I think everything is in order. Do you mind if I adjust your green bow, little bear?
Cinnamon Bear: I thank you to keep your hands off me bow, and me name is Paddy O’Cinnamon, if you please.
Grand Wonky: Oh, yes, yes, yes, of course, of course. I think we may enter now.
Jimmy: It’s about time.
Grand Wonky: Ouvre la porte!
Judy: What’s that mean… Oovray… well, what you just said?
Grand Wonky: Well, that’s French for ‘Open the door.’.
Jimmy: Well, why don’t you just say ‘Open the door.’ instead of that French stuff?
Grand Wonky: Because! This happens to be a French door, and won’t open unless you speak French, so there! Now, Ouvre la porte! My, my, my, my! Those hinges need oiling dreadfully. Must make a note about that. Uh, see about oil for hinges. Now, now, are we all hunky bunky?
Crazy Quilt: Yes, Wonky.
Grand Wonky: Dudley! The fanfare! Oh, thank you, Dudley. It was lovely! Thank you. And now, friends, you may enter the presence of Queen Melissa of Maybe Land!
Judy and Jimmy: Whoa!
Judy: Oh my goodness! Isn’t she beautiful, Jimmy?
Jimmy: You bet! Why, she’s nearly as pretty as Mother, I’d say.
Judy: Look at her throne! It’s all shiny.
Grand Wonky: All gold, children! 18 kt. Solid gold!
Judy: It looks like there’s something shiny all about her, too. Must be more magic.
Crazy Quilt: It is. That protects her from anything touching her. Nothing could get close enough to hurt her.
Judy: I sure never saw anything like this before.
Queen Melissa: Will you please come closer?
Grand Wonky: Her Majesty desires you to approach, but children, don’t go too close. Your Majesty, may I present Miss Judy?
Queen Melissa: How do you do?
Judy: Fine, thanks, but we...
Grand Wonky: And Mister Jimmy!
Queen Melissa: I’m so happy to see you.
Jimmy: We’re glad to see you!
Grand Wonky: And this is…
Queen Melissa: The Crazy Quilt Dragon, of course! How are you?
Crazy Quilt: Oh, very well, Your Majesty, thank you!
Grand Wonky: And last but not least…
Queen Melissa: Well, who is this fuzzy little person with the green ribbon ‘round his neck? Who are you, little friend?
Cinnamon Bear:
I’m the Cinnamon Bear with the shoe button eyes,
And I’m helping these children recover a prize.
It’s a silvery star that was fashioned, you see,
For the very tip-top of a big Christmas tree.
'Though we’ve hunted low, and we’ve hunted high,
We cannot get it back, no matter how we try.
A most Crazy Quilt Dragon made off with it first,
Then a whale ate it up, but that isn’t the worst.
Oh, it’s been through a hundred adventures since then.
We just lose it and find it and lose it again.
So we’ve looked and looked till we’re all most blue,
And if you’ll help us out, we’re much obliged to you.
Judy: So you see, Your Majesty…
Queen Melissa: Call me Melissa, won’t you? We’re all going to be friends, and friends shouldn’t be too formal.
Jimmy: That suits me. All this Wonky business about bowing and everything.
Queen Melissa: I know how you feel, Jimmy, but I must give the Grand Wonky something to do. He’d feel very unhappy otherwise.
Judy: Well, you see Melissa, the Cinnamon Bear told you part about what happened to our lovely silver star, but lots of things happened to it after that.
Crazy Quilt: And the last thing was the Wintergreen Witch cast a spell on me and forced me to steal the star and take it to her.
Queen Melissa: The Wintergreen Witch? Grand Wonky! Make a note that I must take up the case of the Wintergreen Witch at my next council meeting. She’s been practicing magic without a license.
Grand Wonky: Oh, dear, dear me, yes Your Majesty. Fix witch. Good, and proper.
Judy: She was going to change us into things. Then I showed her a looking glass, and she got awful scared, and let us go.
Jimmy: And Crazy Quilt took us across the Root Beer Ocean, but...
Cinnamon Bear: But he sat down on the star and broke it into a dozen pieces.
Judy: So we thought maybe you could help us get it fixed.
Queen Melissa: Of course I can help you.
Judy: You can? Oh, that’s wonderful!
Queen Melissa: Now you just listen very carefully to everything I say, and your silver star will be restored.

Announcer: Well, that’s quite the best news Judy and Jimmy have had since they started out on their adventurous trip through Maybe Land. Let’s be sure to listen next time and find out how Queen Melissa plans to get the broken silver star back into one piece.


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