Cinnamon Bear Episode #9

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Ed Porter (May 26, 1881 – July 29, 1939) is the voice of the Roly-Poly Policeman. He worked in silent film and some sound, but there doesn’t seem much information readily available about him. To avoid the risk of mixing up multiple people, since I’ve never heard of him, and cannot find much info about him, I’ll leave his tiny little bio short and sweet.

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The Cinnamon Bear Episode 9 – Upset By A Mysterious Force
Opening: Cinnamon Bear Theme
Cinnamon Bear: And here’s the Cinnamon Bear!

Announcer: Now, if you’ll all put on your thinking caps, you’ll remember that Judy and Jimmy and the Cinnamon Bear were captured by pirates last time, but these pirates were very different. They didn’t make people walk the plank, and they didn’t hunt for gold. All they wanted was candy, and plenty of it. Captain Taffy offered to sail them as far as the Island of Obee, where the pelican had dropped their silver star, and what do you think? When they got close enough to use the captain’s telescope, they sighted a Roly-Poly Policeman on the beach wearing their star on his chest. Right now, the Susie Q is about to drop anchor, and the children will have their star back in a few minutes. That is, if nothing happens.

Captain Taffy: Alright, my hearties. Bos'n! Pipe the anchor.
Bos'n: Aye Aye, Sir!
Captain Taffy: Well, my friends, it’s been a pleasure to have your company aboard the good ship Susie Q.
Jimmy: Gee, we sure had lots of fun, Captain Taffy.
Judy: That’s what I say, too. I never knew pirates could be so nice. Did you, Cinnamon Bear?
Cinnamon Bear: Bless my stuffings, no! And we’re much obliged to you, Captain.
Captain Taffy: Don’t mention it, matey.
Judy: I sure would like to know what that Roly-Poly Policeman is doing with our silver star on his chest.
Jimmy: Well, we’ll know pretty soon, Judy, ‘cause Captain Taffy is gonna give us a boat so we can row ashore!
Captain Taffy: I’m sorry the Candy Pirates can’t go ashore with you. But confidentially, we’re on our way to capture a big hoard of yummy marshmallows. Mmmm. I can taste ‘em now!
Cinnamon Bear: Sounds most enticing, but marshmallows always get stuck in me fur.
Judy: What’s this island like, Captain Taffy?
Captain Taffy: Well, it’s a very strange place. Most magical, in fact. Very large and inhabited by all manner of strange people and things.
Jimmy: Gee, I hope we get a chance to see a few things. Are you pirates coming right back?
Captain Taffy: Just as soon as we capture those yummy marshmallows, mmmm. Won’t take long, and you can give us a signal, and we’ll take you aboard again. But in case you need to leave the island in a hurry, you'll have the rowboat.
Judy: We’re sure awful grateful for everything you’ve done for us, Captain Taffy.
Captain Taffy: Not at all, not at all. The pleasure’s been on our side. Are ya ready?
Cinnamon Bear: Ready and rarin’ to go, Captain.
Captain Taffy: Very well. Bos'n! Pipe the boat!
Bos'n: Aye Aye!
Captain Taffy: There ya go. Better let me help you. There you are, young lady.
Jimmy: Gee, this is gonna be fun!
Captain Taffy: There, all snug as a bug in a rug, eh? Ha! Lower away!
Judy: Goodbye, Captain Taffy!
Captain Taffy: Goodbye!
Jimmy: And thanks a million!
Cinnamon Bear: And much obliged, indeed!
Captain Taffy: Cast off the line! Goodbye, Mateys, and good luck!
Jimmy: You take one oar, Cinnamon Bear, and I’ll take the other.
Captain Taffy: Barnaby Bright! Strike up a bit of our shanty!
All Pirates: Hey!!
Candy Ho! Candy Ho! There's candy to the starboard!
Sing yo-ho-ho and a bottle of pop! Hey!! 
Candy Ho! Candy Ho!
Jimmy: Alright, Cinnamon Bear, let’s row.
Judy: Weren’t they lovely pirates? And Captain Taffy was just wonderful!
Cinnamon Bear: A gentleman, I says. A real seafarin’ gentleman.
Judy: Oh, Jimmy! I can see the policeman ever so close now.
Jimmy: Swell! I can’t see, because I’ve got my back to him. Are we heading in the right direction?
Cinnamon Bear: Sure we are! I can see, Jimmy, and don’t worry about it. I got complete control of the boat, haven’t I?
Judy: We’re almost to the beach, Jimmy. Yell at him. 
Jimmy: Alright. Wait’ll I turn around a little. Hey! Policeman!
Judy: I guess he doesn’t hear you.
Cinnamon Bear: Let me do the yellin’. It takes a big voice like mine to do the trick. Hello! Officer! Officer!
Roly-Poly Policeman: Well, What do you want?
Jimmy: What are you doing with our silver star?
Roly-Poly Policeman: What?
Cinnamon Bear: I’ll handle him. Hey you! What’re you doing with that silver star?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Sure'n I’m wearin’ it! What do you suppose I’d be doing with it?
Cinnamon Bear: Yeah, but you’ve got no right to wear it!
Roly-Poly Policeman: Oh, haven’t I now? Who has more right to wear the star than a policeman?
Judy: But it’s our star!
Cinnamon Bear: You bet, and we’re coming right in there to get it. Come on, Jimmy. Just one more pull on the oars will scoot us right up on the beach.
Jimmy: What’s the matter here? We’re stuck!
Cinnamon Bear: We don’t move an inch. And neither does this wave that the boat is on.
Judy: Try again.
Roly-Poly Policeman: It's no use, folks! That’s a magic wave. It’ll keep anyone from landing in a boat.
Cinnamon Bear: What do you mean a magic wave?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Just that. Magic. That particular wave never rolls in. Just stays where it is all the time. You can jump down if you like.
Judy: Oh, but it’s too far. ‘Most five times as high as us!
Roly-Poly Policeman: Or dive in and swim under it.
Cinnamon Bear: Oh, never. My precious stuffings.
Roly-Poly Policeman: And in either case, your boat will drift out into the ocean...
Cinnamon Bear: Grr-ah!
Roly-Poly Policeman: And you’ll lose it.
Cinnamon Bear: Grr-ah! Am I mad! Just wait till I get my paws on you, Flatfoot.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Hm! That’s an insult, to be sure. I’m a Roly-Poly Policeman, and Roly-Polies don’t have feet to be flat.
Jimmy: Well, what are you doing with our silver star?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Yours, is it? And what would it be doing dropping out of the sky?
Judy: Penelope the Pelican dropped it. She stole it from us.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Sure, I didn’t know that at all, at all.
Jimmy: What do you do, Mr. Policeman? Just stand there all the time?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Not at all, son. Ha! I patrol.
Cinnamon Bear: Aw, lollipops! How can you patrol without feet?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Oh, with a roll this way, and a roll that way. I can patrol about three feet on either side of me. Not much, maybe, but it’s patrolling I am. And I’m the roll round here.
Cinnamon Bear: Aw, fiddlesticks! You’re nothing but a no…
Jimmy: Stop being so mean, Cinnamon Bear! That’s no way to get our star back!
Judy: I should say not! Mr. Policeman!
Roly-Poly Policeman: Yes ma’am? What can I be doing for ya’s?
Judy: Well, you might let us have our silver star. It’s been stolen or lost ever so many times, and we’ve just got to get it back. It belongs on the tip-top of our Christmas tree.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Sure and it's sorry I am to hear that, and being meant for Christmas meself, I know how it is. If you’ll just come ashore, I’ll give it back, sure enough.
Jimmy: Will ya? Honest injun? Gee, that’s swell. But, gee Willikers! What about this magic wave? We can’t get ashore.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Well I’d toss it up, but I am afraid I’d miss. You’ll have to row down the beach a ways. They tell me that this magic wave doesn’t go, more'n a hundred yards or so.
Judy: We’ll be back right quick, Mr. Policeman, and thanks ever so much.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Hm! Glad to be of service, Ma’am.
Judy: Now, see how nice he is when you’re polite, Cinnamon Bear?
Cinnamon Bear: Soft soap! That’s all, soft soap!
Judy: Shame on you!
Jimmy: Oh, let’s not fight. Grab your oar, Cinnamon, and we’ll get going.
Judy: We sure made that in a hurry, didn’t we? Do you think the boat'll be safe there, Cinnamon Bear?
Cinnamon Bear: Sure! I fixed it, didn’t I?
Jimmy: Come on! Let’s hurry and get back to the policeman.
Judy: We’ll hurry as fast as we can, Jimmy. Sand is awful hard to walk fast in.
Cinnamon Bear: Yeah, my cinnamon paws sink down in it.
Judy: You know what? I was just thinking about the Crazy Quilt Dragon. I wonder what happened to him?
Jimmy: I wonder... Too bad the pirates didn’t take him on board. He sure turned out to be a good guy, saving us from those bad Inkaboos and everything.
Cinnamon Bear: Huh! Maybe you think Crazy Quilt’s a better friend than I am. Huh!
Judy: Oh, no, Cinnamon Bear. You’re our really truly friend.
Cinnamon Bear: Uh, do you think so?
Jimmy: Look! We’ve almost reached the policeman.
Judy: He’s got his back to us. Hey, Mr. Policeman!
Jimmy: Louder, Judy.
Judy: Just a second till I get my breath. Yoo Hoo! Mr. Policeman!
Cinnamon Bear: He’s turnin’ around.
Roly-Poly Policeman: Halloo!
Judy: Here we a--- Jimmy! Look!
Jimmy: He hasn’t got the silver star on.
Judy: Mr. Policeman! Mr. Policeman! Where’s our star?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Well, uh, I guess your friend didn’t find you yet.
Cinnamon Bear: What friend?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Well, the one I gave your star to.
Jimmy: What do you mean? Did someone say you were to give it to him?
Roly-Poly Policeman: He did, that, and very polite he was, too.
Judy: My goodness! Who could that be?
Roly-Poly Policeman: He swam through the magic wave shortly after you started down the beach. First I wasn’t going to give it to him... the star to him, but he told me you were comin’ right back for it. But he said he knew all about it, and…
Cinnamon Bear: What!?
Roly-Poly Policeman: And that you told him to pick it up.
Jimmy: Jiminy Crickets! Who was it?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Uh, ‘fraid I don’t know his name, but he was a dragon, and looked a lot like a crazy quilt.
Cinnamon Bear: Grr-ah! Am I ferocious! That Crazy Quilt Dragon, up to his old tricks again.
Judy: Oh, dear, what ever will we do?
Cinnamon Bear: Well, first off, I’m going to push this fat-headed policeman in the tummy!
Jimmy: Oh, don’t, Cinnamon Bear.
Cinnamon Bear: I got to. It’s a point of honor. Watch out, Flatfoot, here I come! I’ll push you flat on your back, that’s what. There! Let that be a lesson… Ooof!
Jimmy: Willikers! The policeman popped right back up again and knocked Cinnamon Bear out!
Roly-Poly Policeman: Heh-Heh-Heh-Heh! That’s what happens to feisty fellows who forget to remember, that when you push over a roly-poly he comes right back up. Ka-wowie!
Judy: Oh, Poor Cinnamon.
Cinnamon Bear: Oh, call me early, Mother dear, call me early.
Judy: Shake him, Jimmy, he’s coming to!
Jimmy: Wake up, Cinnamon Bear!
Cinnamon Bear: What? Oh, my poor stuffing. Where’s that policeman? I’ll tear him limb from limb.
Judy: Now, just be quiet. You’ve had enough.
Jimmy: Which way did the Crazy Quilt Dragon go, Mr. Policeman?
Roly-Poly Policeman: Well, I didn’t watch him careful-like, not being quick to turn around, but I think he headed straight up the beach, that way. Funny, too. Just happened to think now, that’d be the wrong direction if he wanted to catch up with you. Faith, and I bet he was a-runnin’ away.
Cinnamon Bear: Huh! Why you old uh..
Judy: Stop it, Cinnamon Bear. We’ve got no time to fight.
Jimmy: Come on! We’ll have to go like the very dickens to catch up with Crazy Quilt.
Cinnamon Bear: Alright, but I’d sure like to take another poke at that celluloid so-and-so. I’d sock him…
Judy: Hurry, Cinnamon Bear, hurry!
Jimmy: Gee, I can’t see a thing ahead of us. Nothing but sand and sand and sand.
Cinnamon Bear: Well, seeing as how you wouldn’t let me show you how to finish that pesky policeman, I’ll show you how to catch Crazy Quilt. Come on! I’ll lead the way.
Judy: Look at him go, Jimmy.
Jimmy: I’ll say! I never saw him ru…
Judy: Jimmy! Jimmy! What’s happened to him?
Jimmy: Gee, I don’t know! He was running right there ahead of us, and then all of a sudden….
Judy: He just, just disappeared!

Announcer: Well! What’s all this? Everything looked just right for a merry chase after the Crazy Quilt Dragon and the silver star, and then Cinnamon Bear ups and vanishes into thin air! It seems that Judy and Jimmy just jump from one difficulty to another. I’ll certainly be with you next time to see what made Cinnamon Bear disappear all of a sudden-like.


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