Cinnamon Bear Episode #5

We are almost a week into our Cinnamon Bear adventure! Episode 5 features Wesley the Wailing Whale. He is voiced by Lindsay MacHarrie, who also produced the series! He was a writer, director, producer, and personality of old time radio. The Assistant Royal Executioner, played by Ed Max, was also a radio personality. Information is … Continue reading Cinnamon Bear Episode #5

Cinnamon Bear Episode #2

Happy Sunday, everybody! It’s time for the second episode of Cinnamon Bear. We will finally be learning all about this business of de-growing! The actor who voiced Weary Willie the Stork was Gale Gordon, who, among other things, is the man who you will remember as the second actor to play Mr. Wilson on the … Continue reading Cinnamon Bear Episode #2

Cinnamon Bear Episode #1

I am so happy to say that Cinnamon Bear time is here! I cannot contain my excitement! Cinnamon Bear will be played every day on this blog from now, (the day after Thanksgiving) to Christmas Eve, skipping Saturdays, because years ago I saw an advertisement that said that particular station was playing every day except … Continue reading Cinnamon Bear Episode #1