Vedah Bertram

Born December 4th, 1891 in Boston Massachusetts, Adele Buck, who became known to the motion picture public as Vedah Bertram, was one of the most promising rising stars of 1912. According to all reports, this lady was extremely likeable, and always got rave reviews in the films she acted in. She was loved especially by the reporters … Continue reading Vedah Bertram

The Theda Bara Sandwich

There is a wonderful blog that I read called Lea’s Silent-ology all about silent film! (Check it out, you won’t regret it). Well, one article mentioned this thing called The Theda Bara Sandwich– please read this short blog article here. This will give you a little background on the sandwich I just tried. Theda Bara was an actress, you … Continue reading The Theda Bara Sandwich

Maurice Costello

Maurice Costello, where to start? There are a lots of interesting facts about this guy, the one they called Dimples! Maurice George Costello was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1877. His parents are commonly regarded as Irish immigrants, but in the interview featured today, he specifies that his father is Spanish-Irish. Tangent: I … Continue reading Maurice Costello

I’m the Cinnamon Bear With the Shoebutton Eyes…

I am having christmas fever recently,  specifically Cinnamon Bear fever. I simply can’t wait for the time when we will be talking about Paddy O’Cinnamon and the twins Jimmy and Judy Barton. November,  hurry up! “It’s summer still!” I hear you cry. “Don’t rush it!” And I suppose that perhaps you are right. The sooner … Continue reading I’m the Cinnamon Bear With the Shoebutton Eyes…